Land of a Thousand Hills

A nation blessed with lush beauty and rich biodiversity. This thriving and secure country has made substantial investments in tourism and infrastructure over the past two decades, making it a beloved destination for travelers.

Gorillas of Rwanda

A Primate Paradise in the Virunga Volcanic Chain

One of Rwanda’s major draws is the Silverback Mountain Gorillas, inhabitants of the breathtaking Virunga volcanic chain, a region made famous by the renowned American gorilla researcher, Dian Fossey.

Rwanda boasts three exceptional national parks: Akagera National Park, home to diverse wildlife; Volcanoes National Park, the sanctuary of the mountain gorillas; and Nyungwe National Park, a haven for nature enthusiasts. Volcanoes National Park is particularly notable as the real setting for the Karisoke Research Centre, established by the acclaimed primate researcher Dian Fossey, and it was the filming location for the movie “Gorillas in the Mist.

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Beyond gorilla encounters, Rwanda offers forest birding, serene crystal-clear lakes, captivating savannah safaris, and opportunities to immerse oneself in authentic traditional culture. The country’s remarkable natural wealth and biodiversity make it a premier destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking an authentic African experience

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